Teachers – Role Models and Mentors for our students.

Our high standards of learning are built and sustained through our committed and knowledgeable faculty who inspire, educate, influence and mentor the future leaders of our nation. We have a very effective process to recruit and bring the best faculty on board. For our teachers, effective classroom teaching is not just a ritual but an integral part of education itself. They put in a lot of preparation and are dedicated to ensuring that their students are fully prepared for their entire lives. We gratefully acknowledge our faculty’s contribution in making our institution so impressive. We have, thus, probably for the first time in this country, introduced in Venkat International Public School what we love to call “the corporate remuneration package”. This compares very favourably with the remuneration of the corporate world. This “give and take” policy adopted by the management has provided additional impetus to the quality and commitment of our faculty.

We have an excellent, well trained staff suitable for international school.

We provide various workshops and training programs to keep them updated about the latest trends. The teachers here are highly qualified and experienced. To ensure high quality education they display great team work. Teachers involve in development activities to uphold the set standards. Teachers and other staff treat every student as their own, and guide them consistently. The student teacher relationship is so strong that students feel comfortable walking up to any teachers to discuss any issue, on the other hand even the teachers’ direct students in the right direction without any discriminations. Equal treatment is given to all the students without any difference related to class, caste or religion. Every child is given individual attention. Other than the teacher the non-academic staff is equally passionate about their contribution towards the success of our school. They are all-time ready for their service with the same enthusiasm. Students and Parents are very comfortable walking up to them or calling them for any information. During school events both academic and non-academic staff along with students team up together to make the event a great success. The Faculty and the staff are our strength and we are proud of them.