The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others

We believe in this slogan as much as you do. Community and Schools complement each other. To enrich school programme, community work supports to a great degree. From many years we have been conducting different programmes related to community service, in which our children and various other school participate actively (you can contact the school admiration to know the details about the activities and programmes).

The community reflects and recognizes the emotional and social sentiments which the members of the community have towards school, who could be students themselves or family members of the students or alumni or the staff working with the school. The community programmes brings everyone under the same umbrella irrespective of the class, caste, religion or any other differences which brings unity among us.

Communities in school empowers students to stay connected to the roots. Different activities are discussed, shortlisted and finalised mainly to develop our young citizen’s learning process and to empower them to achieve success in the broader aspect. Our passionate staff involves themselves in these opportunities enthusiastically to improve working with people around. This brings different approaches to learn new things, innovative ways of doing things, overcome various challenges. These activities bring confidence among people, helps in leadership roles, and bring out the hidden talent and many more.

Both staff and students contribute to local projects and involve actively in the wider life of the community. Activities comprises of – from planting a tree to conducting an art completion, from collecting funds for unprivileged to conducting singing completion, from keeping the surrounding clean to take up initiative to spread awareness about the waste management.

Our aim is to continuously improve in the community activities.

“Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.