When it comes to facilities , our students deserve nothing but the best.We have state-of-the art technology and equipment in order to aid students in their academic as well as extra-curricular pursuits.

Library & Reading Room
Library & Reading Room-pic

Our libraries are extensive, exhaustive and boast of the latest titles to suit reference needs. The libraries have more than ten thousand books, leading journals and newspapers to bring the students up-to-date with the latest information and trends. A large, well-planned reading room helps them jot down necessary reference details. Students are encouraged to cultivate good reading habits and use the library as an important centre for learning.

Computer Lab
Computer Lab-pic

In today’s fast moving world computers have become a vitally important component of life itself. Therefore the study of computers has assumed a very important component of education itself. It is spacious and each students has an individual computer earmarked for him/her. The aesthetics complements the learning process. The systems are kept upgraded to the latest technologies so that our students can benefit from the labs to the best extent.

Science Labs
Science Labs-pic

We have top-class laboratory facilities. The very best as well as the latest available equipment are available to our students. The thirst for experimental observation and study is quenched in our labs. Thus they are able to correlate their previously learnt theory portion with practical analysis and confirmation. In both these areas we have highly skilled professionals guiding their wards through thick and thin.

Math Lab
Math Lab-pic

Learning mathematics by doing is probably the best way to remove the fear of maths from students’ minds and make the subject fun. Our school has been an early adopter of this approach and has provided a creative and fun-filled environment for our students to enjoy the subject of mathematics. Different real life objects, software, drawing boards, tools and models are used to demonstrate and teach maths.

R.O. Water Filtration Plant
R.O. Water Filtration Plant-pic

Health and hygiene have always received our painstaking attention. Towards this, we have devised and commissioned our very own water filtration plant for the overall welfare of all our students, staff, visitors and guests. Water-borne disease are rampant to-day and the reverse osmosis mineral water filtration plant is a boon for all.


It is imperative for the group, with more than 9000 students to have a highly disciplined transport system. Nearly 50 ultra-modern, high-tech buses run across the metropolis to oversee the to and fro travel, safely and punctually. Experienced and qualified professionals carry out all aspects of the transport system painstakingly without any hitch.

In-house Clinic & Medical Care
In-house Clinic & Medical Care-pic

The School has a well-equipped health centre which is used by children when they feel unwell. A resident doctor, two nursing sisters and other support staff are available through school hours. Illnesses and injuries of minor nature are treated here. Everything is done to comfort the patient until arrangements can be made with the family concerned for extended treatment, if needed. We provide care to our students through first aid and emergency care, crisis preparedness, maintenance of health records, disseminating information on communicable illness and their prevention and referral of individuals to resources in the community for health care or services.

Timely and specialized treatment being paramount for our children, the school has engaged a panel of specialists along with the best equipped Nursing Homes from the city to handle emergencies.

House-Keeping and Security
House-Keeping and Security-pic

We take a lot of pride in our superior facilities and want that its safety, upkeep and maintenance receive diligent focus. We have outsourced the maintenance to a very reputed private company, Ambienz who ensure that every square inch of the entire campus, inside and outside wears a spotlessly pristine look at all times. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” is a much repeated axiom. We do total justice to that. This sets a great example for our students and makes them aware about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.

Similarly Ranveer Securities, a private company specializing in the security of establishments, supervise and manage the security aspect round the clock day in and day out. Visitors are closely but cordially monitored. Our school is a safe haven for our students and we take great care to ensure that it remains so.

Fire-fighting Equipment
Fire-fighting Equipment-pic

In view of the enormous size of our “Twin Towers”, safety modes should not only be always on high alert but also in a state of preparedness. Fire-fighting equipment, most modern and elaborate, is one such defence mechanism of ours to which we pay the most meticulous attention. Mock tests are held periodically to monitor their efficacy. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Points to consider for parents:
  • Visitors have to enter by the front door, check in and out in the register kept for this purpose.
  • We expect the students to be on time every day, so that an absence is speedily detected.
  • We encourage parents to send a note ahead in case of anticipated leave of absence. This makes our job smoother and easier.
  • We do not divulge any information about any child to unknown / unauthorised persons, telephonically or personally.
  • In to-day’s disturbed environment, if we receive information about anything untoward, we in conjunction with the police force, immediately decide on the course of action.