Syllabus is important as a guideline. But if it becomes the be-all and end-all of everything, then education loses its sheen. Our learner -centric approach at Venkat International Pubic School goes beyond the mere syllabi, making learning cosmopolitan, in tune with the needs of to-day’s fast-paced world, and helps the young minds learn and enjoy what is taught all the more. We call this approach Total Education. It has paid us rich dividends every year.

The Board Examination results of this year have been as commendable as in the earlier years. Our success rate like previous years was a full 100% with a very high percentage of “Distinctions” and “First Classes”. Credit for this should be equally shared by the enlightened policies pursued by the Management, the untiring efforts of a splendidly dedicated band of teachers, a bunch of scholars with the never-say-die attitude deeply inculcated in them and a caring, committed lot of parents willing to sacrifice anything for the betterment and benefit of their wards.

A well-stocked library with endless reference materials, large and wellequipped laboratories in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Geography giving the students hands-on experience of the theoretical portions learnt earlier and an ambience matching international norms, have paid us rich benefits. We are justifiably proud of them. We are determined to keep this momentum going at Venkat International Pubic School.

Grooming Tomorrow’s Leader – Venkatamma Prathibha Puraskara

Fulfillment of a Coveted Journey

This award was instituted a few years back to felicitate the toppers appearing in Board Examinations every year. It has seen the light of day as a day of commemoration of the revered memory of the Mother of the Founder Chairman of our Institution. She displayed foresight of a high order stressing the paramount importance of education in every individual’s life.