Safety and Security of the children

Each class is housed in a large, airy, well-ventilated 25′ x 20′ room. Modern furniture and an ultra modern writing board adds to the decor. Leg-space is more then adequate. Apart from the usual classrooms there are language rooms, mathematics lab and the cynosure of all eyes a Geography lab. It is quite a treat. Each floor has a large, wide corridor, clean, spacious toilets, kept dry and shining by our indefatigable housekeeping team. Large, spacious high-tech elevators take people to their respective floors in a jiffy.

We want to keep each of our schools a really safe place. We ensure the safety of the learners though the following routines:

Visitors have to enter invariably, by the front door, check in and out in the register kept for this purpose.

We expect the students to be on time every day, so that an absence is speedily detected.

If the child requires a leave, we encourage parents to send a note in advance.

We do not divulge any information about any child to unknown / unauthorised persons, telephonically or personally.

In to-day’s disturbed environment, if we receive information about anything untoward, we, in conjunction with the police force, immediately decide on the course of action.