The registration of names of candidates will not entail any guarantee for seats in the respective classes. Admissions to Venkat International Public School are strictly based on the ability of the candidates and the result of the entrance test, medical fitness and production of required certificates in original, and subject to the availability of seats. At the time of submitting the completed application from for ‘admission’ the photocopies of the Birth certificate and T.C. (Transfer Certificate) from the school last attended, countersigned by the Education Department, and Caste Certificate (SC/ST/OBC) if applicable, must be submitted along with the most recent marks card. Candidates coming from outside the state of Karnataka should also get an endorsement from the Education Department in that state.

Admission to Nursery Classes

Children seeking admission to Junior Nursery Class (LKG) should normally complete the age of 3 years and 5 months on the date of admission or on the re-opening day of the school or 1st of June.

For admission to Senior Nursery Class (UKG) a child should normally complete the age of 4 years and 5 months on the date of admission or on the re-opening day of the school in the 1st week of June.

Admission to Standard I

As only a limited number of seats are available, parents are advised in their own interest to contact the Principal or the school authorities directly for any useful information well in advance.

You are therefore advised to register the names of your wards seeking admission to LKG & UKG during the months of October / November to avoid disappointment later .A pupil who is promoted from Senior Nursery class (UKG) to Std. 1 (Whether an outsider or a pupil having studied in the same school) MUST APPLY FOR FRESH ADMISSION FOR ENTRY INTO STANDARD 1 FOR THE NEXT ACADEMIC YEAR.

All admission formalities should be fulfilled during the second week of May. For students promoted from UKG to Std. 1 in the School, fresh application forms are to be filled in submitted at the office as a formality only. Admission fee is not applicable in case of VIPS students.

Admissions - Age Requirement

Age Class
2 Yrs. 6 Months and above Montessori
3 Yrs. 6 Months and above LKG
4 Yrs. 6 Months and above UKG
5 Yrs. 6 Months and above 1st Std.
6 Yrs. 6 Months and above 2nd Std.
7 Yrs. 6 Months and above 3rd Std.
8 Yrs. 6 Months and above 4th Std.


On the re-opening day, parents are required to report along with the ward at the Reception with the Identity card to collect further instructions.

The Identity card will be issued only after all the fees have been remitted.

Instructions for newly admitted students

Get your ward inoculated with TABC and obtain a doctor’s certificate for the same. Normally, fever follows inoculation and hence it should be done at least ten days before the reporting day.

  • Fill in the declaration form, and return the same to the office duly signed.
  • Books should be purchased on or before 10th May. They should be neatly covered and labelled before they are brought to school.
  • All the articles belonging to the student (bag, tiffin-box, water bottles, and pencil box) should bear proper identification marks.
  • Obtain the transfer certificate (T.C) from your wards previous school and get it countersigned by the assistant education officer /deputy director (primary/high school).
  • Get 2 copies of stamp size photographs of your ward in school uniform.