Our Convictions and Dreams

The education system in India as it stands today is in need of transformation, and we strongly believe that transforming our education system is the key to influencing and creating a strong future for India. When young minds are moulded and their character is formed, a nation is built. To achieve this noble mission of nation building, Venkat International Pubic School follows an innovative curriculum based on the CBSE pattern, supported by a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that will enable our students to not only excel in classrooms but also outside.

Venkat International Pubic School has made great progress in its pursuit of excellence in education ever since it was founded. Our management has a strong focus on making sure that the school sustains its high standards and also keeps itself on par with the international standards in the world of education. Be it the word-class facilities, the accomplished faculty or the innovative, versatile and technologically advanced curriculum – every aspect of the school and its infrastructure is reviewed, monitored for possible improvements.

Excellence is not just a catchphrase in Venkat International Pubic School. We have made it a part of our DNA. It is our responsibility to provide our students with the best possible environment and exposure that will allow them to develop their personality in all areas – be it in the moral or spiritual or cultural or physical realms.

We start as we mean to go on with our children. Right from Montessori to senior classes, at every stage, our children are initiated and guided towards the pursuit of excellence, developing in them the power to shape their own destiny. We encourage and applaud them on their journey of discovery, exploration, enquiry and experimentation. We recognize and nurture not only individual brilliance and skills but also the ability to think beyond their own selves in the spirit of “vasudhaiva kuṭumbakam” or “the entire world constitutes but a family.” We dream of our children to emerge as emerge as responsible, compassionate and humane future citizens of this great country.

Venkat International Pubic School with its high standards, management acumen and vision has successfully distinguished itself in the field of education and occupies a place of pride among the leading public schools in the country. We remain committed and strong on our path to making it an institution that stands proudly among the best international learning centres.